Join us! Build Homes, Not Walls. 

Help us meet our goal of $10,000 by 10/01/2018


Together with the families of Ixtepec, Oaxaca, Mexico, we are rebuilding homes devastated by the massive earthquakes of September 7th and 20th, 2017, using excess recycled building materials from U.S construction sites that would otherwise end up as waste. 

We are raising $10,,000 by October 1st and are asking for your help!  

50,000 pounds of materials are sitting in the Port of Vera Cruz awaiting Customs release.  Help us deliver them to the people of Ixtepec by making a tax deductible donation today.  

Stand in solidarity with the families in Mexico, as you stand in solidarity with Earth. Ensure we reach our goal of raising $10,000 before September 15th, and contribute to building a new model of how to



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"The gift you are giving us in this very special moment of the world goes clearly beyond the economic value of the materials.  What we really need is a different attitude, a different kind of relation with all people.  Instead of building walls, instead of confrontation, you went out of your way to share the gift of your compassion and love with the people of Ixtepec.  With this magnificent gift of friendship, we will continue to recuperate hope. 

                                ~Gustavo Esteva, Founder and Director, Unitierra

Our vision is twofold:

To transform the system of how excess building materials across the U.S. are disposed of, redirecting them from the landfill and delivering them into the hands of those most in need; To cultivate pathways of collaboration that are built on friendship, mutual support, and reciprocal generosity.


In collaboration with The Away Station, the Universidad de la Tierra (Oaxaca and Isthmus), and the Comité Ixtepecano Vida y Territorio, Build Homes, Not Walls is a campaign that transforms surplus, usable building materials, tools, and equipment into new homes for those who are rebuilding after the recent earthquakes.

We have developed relationships with a large network of Bay Area construction firms who are eager to see their normally wasted materials used creatively and sustainably.  Our partners in Mexico recognize the value of these materials and are able to integrate them into their reconstruction plan.  

These materials represent the building blocks that feed a new way of how we inhabit planet Earth.  It is one based on a synergy of mutual support and reciprocity, shared between civil organizations, neighborhood committees, local organizations and collectives. Guided by the leadership of the Comite, a new way approaching how we dwell, with one another and Earth, is emerging.  Together, we are creating a new system that serves the best in humanity, while respecting the vital resources given to us by Earth.  



After nine months of committed work, we secured the funds and materials and sent two 40’ containers, nearly 50,000 pounds, of reclaimed building material, tools, and equipment to the Port of Vera Cruz, MX. They are now awaiting Customs release and final delivery to Ixtepec.

The $10,000 that we need to raise will fund the following:

  • $7,500~Additional Mexican Customs and Storage Fees

  • $1,500~ A reflection process with our partners in the U.S. and Mexico to harvest what we have learned, capture best practices for the next iteration, and project how to take it to scale

  • $1,500~ Facilitation of the successful execution of the project, including photographic and film documentation and the production of a final report.


We thank you for your generous support!